北京冬奥会单板滑雪女子大跳台资格赛中,法国选手露西尔·勒菲弗装扮成一只咆哮的老虎,以此来庆祝她职业生涯中的最后一个虎年。这身老虎装让她吸睛无数,也给大家带来了快乐。  Dressed as a roaring tiger-but with no tail grabs-Frenchwoman Lucile Lefevre stole the show at snowboarding Big Air’s qualifying round on Monday as she celebrated the Year of the Tiger in her career finale at Beijing 2022.  在2月14日进行的北京2022年冬奥会单板滑雪女子大跳台资格赛中,法国选手露西尔·勒菲弗装扮成一只咆哮的老虎,她现场没有后手抓板但吸睛无数,她以此来庆祝她职业生涯中的最后一个虎年。  Donning an orange-and-black suit while miming a pair of claws in the air, Lefevre captured the crowd’s attention in her second run, despite opting for a straightforward jump with no tricks due to a knee injury she sustained during the slopestyle competition on Feb 5.  在2月5日进行的坡面障碍技巧比赛中,勒菲弗弄伤了膝盖。因为膝盖的伤,勒菲弗知道自己无法完成既定的技术动作,于是在大跳台比赛第二轮中,她便以一套黑黄条纹的老虎装上阵,还在空中挥了挥“虎爪”。  Having decided to retire from the sport after Beijing 2022, the 26-year-old crowd pleaser made her final run on the Olympic stage one to remember-not just for herself but anyone watching the Games, which are taking place in the lunar calendar’s Year of the Tiger.  26岁的勒菲弗决定在北京2022年冬奥会以后退役,正值中国虎年的这一届冬奥是她最后一场比赛。这是一个值得铭记的时刻,不仅是为她自己,也是为所有观赛的人。  ”It is my very last competition. I hurt my knee in the slopestyle, so I was not able to do tricks today. I decided to do the competition, but just do it straighter. It’s more fun like this. It’s for tiger new year, so everyone wants a picture with me. It was super fun,” Lefevre said after her three qualification runs.  “这是我最后一场比赛了。在坡面障碍技巧的比赛中我膝盖受伤了,今天我没办法完成既定的技术动作了。我仍决定完成比赛,但更直接一些。这样更有趣。因为今年是虎年,所以每个人都想和我合影。太有趣了。”勒菲弗在三轮预选赛后说道。  ”I feel good about it, because the world should be fun. There are a lot of problems in the world. If everyone was peace and easy, the world would be better for sure, that’s the message I want to share.”  “我很开心,因为一切本都应更有趣些。世界上有太多麻烦了,如果每个人都能抱着轻松幽默的心态,世界也会变得更美好,这就是我想带给大家的。”  Before soaring into the spotlight on Monday, the head-to-toe big cat suit was already a viral sensation on social media outside of China after its owner, Swiss snowboarder Nicolas Huber, wore the tiger disguise during his downtime at Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou.  在14日成为网络热点之前,这件全副武装的老虎装早已在瑞士单板滑雪运动员尼古拉斯·胡贝尔的社交媒体上火了。胡贝尔曾经在张家口云顶雪山公园休息时就穿着这件老虎装。  So Lefevre borrowed the suit from Huber, adding flair to her otherwise ordinary jumps off the towering ramp at Shougang Industrial Park in Beijing.  这套吸睛的老虎服就是勒菲弗从胡贝尔那里借来的,为她在首钢滑雪大跳台上因伤无法完成的动作增加了看点。  Lefevre performed the first of her three runs in her standard Team France jacket, before breaking out the tiger suit for her second and third runs. Lefevre scratched at the air for run 2, but after watching a replay, realized the motion just looked funny in mittens. So on her final run, she waved toward the judges’ tower instead.  勒菲弗在预选赛的第一轮身着法国队的滑雪服上场比赛,后两轮则换上了老虎装。勒菲弗在第二轮预选赛时在空中挥了挥小虎爪,但看过回放以后,她觉得动作看上去有些滑稽。于是在最后一跳时,选择向裁判的高塔方向挥手。  ”It was not super beautiful,” she said of her claws. “So I decided for the last one to just say Hi to the judges. And especially the French one, because it’s a friend of mine.”  “并不是特别好看,”她说到自己的“小虎爪”,“所以我决定最后一跳的时候朝着裁判那边说‘Hi’,特别是朝着法国裁判,因为那位是我的朋友。”  Asked why Huber had the costume to begin with, Lefevre explained that “he’s a crazy man, actually”. The 27-year-old Huber has been wearing the outfit for a series of videos on his Instagram account, apparently inspired by Lunar New Year celebrations that overlapped with the start of the Winter Games.  当问及为什么胡贝尔会穿这件衣服,勒菲弗解释说“他这人挺活泼,真的。”27岁的胡贝尔在他社交平台上发布了几段身着老虎装的视频,既是受到庆祝农历中国新年的启发,也契合了北京2022年冬奥会开幕的时机。  ”I asked yesterday if he can give it to me for the day, a special day for me,” Lefevre said. “And he said, ‘Yes, of course.'”  “我昨天问他能不能把衣服借我一天,对我来说特别的一天。”勒菲弗说。“他说,‘当然可以’。”  The two-time Olympian was unperturbed at finishing bottom of the qualification standings, considering simply competing in the Chinese capital was a victory in itself.  已经是冬奥会两朝元老的勒菲弗在资格赛中排名垫底,但仍轻松上阵。她觉得在北京参赛本身就是一种胜利。  Lefevre was diagnosed with osteochondrosis, a rare illness that stunts bone growth, at 3 years old. She had three operations, and doctors told her sports were off the table.  勒菲弗在3岁时被诊断出患有软骨病,这是一种阻碍骨骼生长的罕见疾病。她经历过三次手术,医生也告诉她不能运动了。  ”But then I went snowboarding and made progress. And I’m here (at the Winter Olympics) for the second time,” she said.  “但后来我去滑雪,而且越来越好。到今天,我已经参加了两届奥运会了。”  Ranked as high as seventh in the World Cup rankings in slopestyle, Lefevre has carved out a successful sporting career as a pro snowboarder but came to a decision a year ago that her body could not quite sustain the challenging nature of the high-flying sport anymore.  勒菲弗在坡面障碍技巧项目上世界杯排名第七。作为一名专业滑雪运动员,她已经在运动生涯中获得了成功。但一年前,她的身体早已无法承受高空滑雪这项运动了。  What happens next? The Upper Alps native plans to enjoy time with her father at his sailing school.  接下来做什么呢?出生在法国布里安康,被阿尔卑斯山怀抱的勒菲弗打算去她父亲的航海学校。  ”I may train baby snowboarders,” she added.  “我可能会教小朋友滑雪吧。”  (来源:中国日报 编辑:陈月华、丹妮 记者:孙晓晨)



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